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How to be old


Who says being old isn’t fun? With her characteristic optimism and forward-thinking, ‘rules are meant to be broken’ philosophy, Lyn Slater teaches us how to be old in a youth-obsessed world. Slater offers the possibility that – even with all its challenges – being old is just like any other new beginning in your life. Not only can it be done successfully, but it can be the best and most fun of any new life chapter.

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How can we live boldly at any age?

This is the question Lyn Slater, known on Instagram as ‘Accidental Icon’, sets out to answer in this hopeful and empowering memoir.

When Lyn started her fashion blog, Accidental Icon, at 61, she soon realised that people were flocking to her account for more than just style advice. Her readers had found in her an alternative model of older life: someone who defied stereotypes, refused to become invisible and proved that all women can be relevant and take risks, no matter what their age.

Exploring the process of reinvention, Lyn shows readers that while you can’t control everything, what you can control is the way you think about your age and the creative ways you respond to the changes in your mind and body as they happen. Rather than trying to meet standards of youth and beauty as a measure of successful ageing, Lyn promotes more inclusive and empowering criteria by which to judge our older selves.

Even with its unique challenges, being old is just like any new beginning and can be the best and most invigorating of all of life’s phases, full of rebellion and reinvention, connection and creativity.

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