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Zeina Starborn and the Sky Whale


When Zeina isn’t busy reading the latest on her hero adventuress, Vivianne Steele, or helping her father in the workshop, she spends her days collecting scraps to build her own inventions. All while navigating the thick smog that blankets everything. Everything – that is – except the Upper Atmosphere where the Aboves live. After all, Zeina is a Below, and Belows belong beneath the smog-line. Then Zeina wins the chance to visit the infamous Willoughby Whale Hotel floating high above and meet Vivianne Steele. Her dreams are finally coming true! Or, are they? What if everything she thought she knew about the infamous sky whale hotels was actually a terrible lie?

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*Winner of the Northern Writers’ Award 2020*

‘A thrilling tale of intrigue and adventure in the clouds, full of wonderful creatures, mind-boggling gadgets, bravery, kindness and hope’ Thomas Taylor, author of Malamander

When Zeina Starborn’s dream of exploring the skies becomes a reality, she finds herself in a daring adventure beyond her wildest imagination. Meet explorers, inventors, and mighty sky whales in this richly inventive fantasy, perfect for 9+ fans of BRIGHTSTORM and ORPHANS OF THE TIDE.

Zeina Starborn spends her days dreaming of adventure in the sky and escaping the smog-filled city of Ravenport.

So, when she wins the chance to visit the famous Willoughby Whale Hotel – a ginormous structure built on the back of a flying whale – Zeina grabs it. Even clashing with Jackson, spoiled heir to the Willoughby fortune, can’t dampen her excitement.

But a series of clues makes her question what she’s been told about this dazzling world of inventors, explorers and mighty sky whales. Zeina and Jackson must put aside their differences to uncover the secret plot around them as they embark on the journey of a lifetime.

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