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Pirates of Darksea


Max and his big brother Christopher have always shared their adventures. In fact for ages they’ve been sneaking down to Galway Bay at the turn of midnight, waiting for Captain O’Malley and his famed pirate ship to take them over the horizon to the magical world of Eighth Sea. Despite their messages, the Captain never arrived and now, two years later, Christopher is in grave danger. It’s not even the sort of danger Max can help with. Christopher is in hospital and getting sicker. Their parents want to take him far, far away for a new treatment, but they don’t have the money. That’s when a very loud, bright red parrot visits Max’s House in Bellflower Lane. Squawk is carrying a message from Captain O’Malley, who needs a new crew member to help with a top secret quest. The reward is treasure beyond Max’s wildest dreams.

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‘Utterly brilliant. Sensationally swashbuckling. Completely magical’ – A.F Steadman, author of Skandar and the Unicorn ThiefFrom the award-winning author of The Storm Keeper’s Island, set sail on Catherine Doyle’s latest perilous adventure to the magical islands of Darksea Deep in the heart of the Atlantic Ocean, where the full moon rests on the horizon, lies a secret kingdom called Darksea. Ruled by the Pirate King, Captain O’Malley, Darksea’s tranquil waters have, of late, been haunted by an invisible and deadly monster – a monster that is eating the once-beautiful islands in gigantic bites. On the other side of the horizon, at his home in Galway, Max Reid and his family are battling a different monster. His big brother Christopher is in hospital and getting sicker – and his parents have begun to talk of miracles. Then one night a loud, bright red parrot taps on Max’s bedroom window, carrying an invitation from the pirate king. Captain O’Malley needs a new crew member for a dangerous quest; and the reward is everything Max has been hoping for. But in Darksea, not everyone is as they seem. When Captain O’Malley’s secret threatens to upend their mission and destroy Max’s chance to help his family, Max realises he’s going to have to navigate much more than he bargained for?

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