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My family and other rock stars


Rockfield Studios is a place of legend, the recording location of some of the most famous rock albums of all time. With her mother installed as the resident Cordon Bleu chef, Tiffany Murray grew up around rock stars including Black Sabbath, Queen, Motorhead, Rush, David Bowie, and The Damned. ‘My Family and Other Rock Stars’ reveals how these music legends lived day-to-day: whether it was David Bowie refusing a salmon buffet, or Freddie Mercury’s touching love for a Great Dane. For Tiffany, they were the background to a whirlwind childhood of freedom, adventure and continuous change. The one constant throughout is the extraordinary relationship between Tiffany and her mother, as they build an unconventional family around them in the most unlikely of locations.

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‘From start to end – very, very good’ RODDY DOYLE

‘Full of pop gossip that’ll leave you starry-eyed, and written with a warmth and precision you’ll want to savour for as long as you can . . . I didn’t want it to end’ SÉAMAS O’REILLY

‘Funny, vivid and touching . . . An utter treat’ RACHEL JOYCE

In a small corner of a field in Wales, Tiffany Murray is hiding with Boggle the dog, dreaming of her mum’s moussaka, blackberry and apple crumble, and, if she’s lucky, ice-cold lemonade. A sheep bleats. The smell of hay tickles her nose. The twang of a guitar and crack of a snare carry on the breeze.

It’s the late 1970s and Tiff lives with her mum, Joan, at Rockfield, the iconic recording studios. This place of legend, where some of the most famous rock albums of all time were recorded, is the background to a freewheeling, ever-changing whirlwind of a childhood. Tiff’s days are spent running around the farm, making friends with local wildlife and helping out with the endless array of dishes her mum creates to keep the bands fed. She’s looking for a dog, she’s looking for a father; but the one constant throughout is her and Joan, building an unconventional family in the most unlikely of locations.

My Family and Other Rock Stars is Tiff’s remarkable, truly unique story of growing up in a rural idyll, of Cordon Bleu cookery and of a childhood where the chances of bumping into Freddie Mercury playing piano, or a group of Hell’s Angels turning up to record for Lemmy, or even the hope of David Bowie appearing, were as normal as hopscotch and homework.

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