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Moving the Millers’ Minnie Moore mine mansion


This is a story about a dog that found a mine. And how a mine built a house. And how that house housed some pigs. Who were not wanted where they were. So the house had to be moved. With the ingenuity of Idahoans. And the help of horses. And logs. Is this the greatest story every to involved dogs, pigs, horses, and logs? If not, it will do until a better one arrives.

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Author Dave Eggers and artist Júlia Sardà spin a quirky historical event into a whimsical and tall-ish true tale of ingenuity.

It all started when John “Minnie” Moore built a mine in Idaho and sold it to Englishman Henry Miller. Then Henry married a local lass named Annie and built her a mansion. After Henry died and Annie was hoodwinked – losing all but the mansion – she and her son took to raising pigs, as some are wont to do. But the town wanted those pigs out. Who could have guessed that Annie would remove the whole mansion instead – rolling it away slowly on logs – while she and her son were still living in it?

Narrated with metafictional flair, make way for history as only Dave Eggers could stage it.

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