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Everything you need to know about the pill (but were too afraid to ask)


A feminist call to arms meets practical guide to understanding the pill and other contraception.

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‘I cannot recommend this book enough. Kate Muir’s writing demystifies, educates and empowers all women to have agency over their own bodies. This book will anger, educate and empower’ – Jen Brister

An eye-opening, no-holds-barred guide to contraception, written by campaigner, journalist and documentary-maker Kate Muir

Everything You Need to Know About the Pill (but were too afraid to ask) is the thinking-woman’s guide to contraception, bringing you answers to all those questions that have been hidden behind a veneer of misplaced shame, bad science and centuries of patriarchy. 

  • What’s happening to my body – and my mind?
  • Which method of contraception is best for me?
  • Do I really need to take a pill break every three weeks? 
  • What about men – where’s their pill?!

Muir draws on interviews with the leading medical experts in the field, interlaced with her own tumultuous journey with different types of contraception and the personal stories of women from all walks of life, sharing their varied experiences and hard-earned wisdom. Muir also questions why the current medical establishment is getting contraception so wrong, as she debunks the myths and exposes the sloppy science and hysterical headlines that have had a negative impact on women’s health for the last twenty years.

This ground-breaking guide is a social, cultural and scientific exploration into a criminally overlooked and under-discussed part of women’s lives. It is a manifesto for change, calling for equality in healthcare and an entirely new – and long overdue – approach to women’s health. 

‘This book finally allows us to think differently about hormones and contraception. Kate is a genius’ – Dr Louise Newson

‘Essential reading for any woman who has ever taken the pill, it’s likely to educate, anger and empower’ - Liz Earle Wellbeing Magazine

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