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Chris Packham’s birdwatching guide


Chris Packham’s infectious passion for nature will inspire you on your birdwatching journey. Chris is a lifelong birdwatcher and the perfect guide on a day out bird spotting. Through a series of chapters, he can build you from an absolute beginner exploring your own backyard, giving you tips and insights that he has gained from years of birdwatching. Whether you are in a city or deep in the country, birds are guaranteed and provide an easy doorway into nature. Learn where, when, and how to look and what to look out for. Find out what equipment to buy and how to use it. Discover the different characters and characteristics of birds – from the shy bittern to the bold robin and gymnastic red kite.

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Let Chris Packham’s passion for birdwatching ignite your own birdwatching journey

Wherever we live, we may encounter birds every day, but while we may see them, many of us don’t take the time to look, and while we might hear them, we might not listen. In this informative, fully illustrated birdwatching companion, expert birder Chris Packham inspires us to stop and engage with the wildlife all around us and start to build a relationship with the huge variety of interesting, colourful and characterful birds in all our lives – whether in the town or city, by the coast or in the countryside.

You don’t need any special equipment to become interested in birdwatching, nor do you need posh binoculars or to live on a nature reserve. Let Chris show you where and when to look for birds – whether in your own garden or from your balcony, in your local park or out in the countryside. Use this accessible reference guide to identify the different characters and characteristics of birds and experience the joy that comes from spotting a glimpse of a bird and knowing how to identify it.
Let Chris open your eyes and ears to the captivating world of birds.

– How to identify different species of birds, including key things to look for
– How to create bird-friendly spaces to encourage wildlife into your garden
– What to find in different bird habitats and learn why certain birds are attracted to specific habitats
– All about hides and hide etiquette and equipment you might need to further your birdwatching journey

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