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Caught dead


In the dead of night, the Immortal rises . . . welcome to the Town of the Turned. 

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In the dead of night, the Immortal rises . . . welcome to the Town of the Turned. 

‘A riotously absorbing horror-comedy for readers of 12 and up.’ - Guardian

After Sel Archer and his friends uncover a conspiracy that turns the whole world upside down, it seems that the residents of Tremorglade are finally free. Adults can Turn at the full moon with no restrictions, no longer locked in cages and left to roam free.  But the town’s new found fame is at risk as attacks begin to happen on Howl Night. Rumours of a foul, unkillable beast begin to stir . . . someone or something is plotting to control the Turned once and for all. 

A blockbuster teen horror series for fans of Skuduggery Pleasant, join Sel and his friends as they navigate a nail-biting horror story, dodging terrifying adults and even more terrifying beasts. Discover the first heart-pumping instalment with the multi award-shortlisted Bite Risk.

Praise for Bite Risk

‘Bite Risk by the most talented S. J. Wills will have you turning each page feeling sheer horror and laughter.’ - A. M. Dassu

‘Pure, thrilling brilliance!’ - Louie Stowell

‘This high-concept dystopian tale with a werewolf twist has tension and scares galore and is perfect for fans of Stranger Things and Big Bad Me.’ - Irish Independent

‘I inhaled this book. A concept that crackles, watertight world building, characters you care deeply about, & then the twists & turns . . . ‘ - Nicola Penfold

‘Fun, gripping and deliciously gory.’ - Amy McCaw

‘I devoured Bite Risk with ruthless ferocity, or perhaps the book devoured me – I’m not too sure!’ - Sophie Kirtley

‘Smart, pacy, twists and turns with a hero who feels real. Exciting, thrilling but not too scary.’ - Emma Norry

‘A gripping, fast-paced thriller.’ - Nizrana Farook

‘Bite Risk sinks its claws into you and doesn’t let go until its page-racing end.’ - Maria Kuzniar

‘Fresh, exciting and just what teenagers everywhere need!’ - Catherine Emmett

‘Incredible. Astonishing. Sweeps you away and afterwards, there is just SO much to think about.’ - Rashmi Sirdeshpande 

‘S. J. Wills proves a dab hand at world creation, sketching friendships and rivalries against a backdrop of post-disruption normality.’ - Observer

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