Meet Floyd. He’s a tennis star. Possibly even good enough to win Wimbledon one day… Since he was little, all he’s ever known is the routine of training, the matches, and trying to be the best.

Meet Mike. He’s … different. Apart from anything else, Floyd seems to be the only one who can see him, and he keeps appearing whenever Floyd is playing tennis, making him lose his game.
Floyd is at the start of a journey that will lead him into a headlong collision with his family, girls, friendship, and self-discovery.

Mike must have appeared for a reason and finding out why is perhaps the most important thing he will ever do.

Mike is a short but moving book about life’s important decisions and listening to your inner voice. It excellently discusses issues surrounding mental health and the pressure of expectations without ever becoming to bogged down and heavy. Perfect for if your looking for a quick read featuring unusual characters.