By day twins Finchley and Bridget Sullivan are normal teenagers, but by night they are Finch and Birdie Franconi: stars of the flying trapeze. But when Birdie suffers a terrifying accident, Finch must team up with the geeky new kid, Hector Hazzard, to form an all-boys double act and save the family circus school.

Together they learn to walk the high-wire of teen life and juggle the demands of friends, family, first love and facing up to who they are – all served up with a dash of circus-showbiz magic.

Mixing traditional narration and blog posts ‘Flying Tips for Flightless Birds’ is an unconventional but heart-warming story about growing up and family, all with the wonderful backdrop of a dazzling circus. Featuring a cast of funny and colourful characters and a plot that keeps you reading, this quirky book is guaranteed to make you smile.