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The bedtime book of magical creatures


A bedtime book about the world’s most fantastical creatures from around the world. Turn each page to find out more about the amazing variety of magical creatures – from fairies and mermaids to dragons and unicorns.

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Get to know more than 100 mythical creatures from around the world with this delightful illustrated introduction.

This is the must-have first book on the most fantastical creatures from around the world, filled with beautiful illustrations and storybook text on every page.

The Bedtime Book of Magical Creatures features an amazing variety of magical creatures, from fairies and mermaids to dragons and unicorns. Children aged 3-5 can get to know more about their favourite creature from myths, legends and storybooks.

Inside the pages of this exciting mythical creatures book, you’ll find:

– An introduction to different types of magical creatures brought to life by bright and colourful illustrations.
– Engaging text for young children that can be read aloud – perfect for parents, carers, and children to enjoy at bedtime.
– Beautiful illustrations combined with introductory reference text and key terms highlighted on each page.
– Information on more than 100 mythical creatures – an essential addition to every 3-5 year old’s library.

This exciting bedtime book helps to develop an early understanding of different fictional creatures for little ones and clearly explains each one. A timeless gift book, this is a must-have for parents, carers, and educators who want to introduce core fairytale and folklore knowledge at a young age in a fun and engaging way.

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