The Furies – Katie Lowe



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An atmospheric, disturbing, even scary tale that touches on otherworldliness THE TIMES Too-cool-for-school teenage girls, an outsider welcomed into their fold, and murder…a guaranteed good read STYLIST Witchcraft, murder, and adolescent passion HEAT ITS 1997. VIOLET IS A NEW STUDENT AT ELM HOLLOW ACADEMY AND DESPERATE TO FIT IN. Quiet, artistic, unremarkable. When invited to an advanced study group by her alluring art teacher, Annabel, she is at once terrified and delighted. There she meets Robin, Grace, and Alex: charismatic outsiders who invite her into their clique. But once the study sessions on the schools history of seventeenth-century witchcraft and magic become more than just theory, Violet must decide what shes prepared to do in order to stay popular. And maybe shell solve the mystery of what happened to a former member of their group. The one who went missing.

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