Paradise Lodge – Nina Stibbe



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This is the story of Lizzie Vogel, a 15 year old girl who finds herself working in an old peoples home in Leicestershire in the 1970s. The place is in chaos and its not really a suitable job for a schoolgirl: shed only gone for the job because she wanted a new phase and it seemed too exhausting to commit to being a full-time girlfriend or a punk. Lizzie has some knowledge of old people (theyre not suited to granary bread, and you mustnt compare them to toddlers) but she doesnt know theres a right way to get someone out of the bath, or what to do when someone dies. When a rival old peoples home with better parking and daily chairobics threatens to take all their patients, Paradise Lodges cast of staff and helpers, from the assertively shy Nurse who only communicates through little grunts to the son of the Chinese takeaway manager whos renowned for his erotic handholding techniques, have to come together to save the home before its too late. From the bestselling author of Love, Nina comes a story of being very young, and very old, and the laughter, and the tears, in between.

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