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Orc On The Wild Side Tom Holt



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Nordic (£4.00)

Gift Wrap Design

Nordic (£4.00)



Uniquely twisted . . . cracking gags – Guardian Holt doesnt skimp on the flashes of brilliance – SFX Clever, funny, tirelessly inventive – Christopher Moore WINTER IS COMING, SO WHY NOT GET AWAY FROM IT ALL? Being the Dark Lord and Prince of Evil is not as much fun as it sounds, particularly if you are a basically decent person. King Mordak is just such a person. Technically hes more goblin than person, but the point is that he is really keen to be a lot less despicable than his predecessors. Not that the other goblins appreciate Mordaks attempts to redefine the role. Why should they when his new healthcare program seems designed to actually extend life expectancy, and his efforts to end a perfectly reasonable war with the dwarves appear to have become an obsession? With confidence in his leadership crumbling, what Mordak desperately needs is a distraction. Perhaps some of these humans moving to the Realm in search of great homes at an affordable price will be able to help? An Orc on the Wild Side is the latest comic masterpiece from one of the funniest writers in fantasy. Books by Tom Holt: J.W. Wells & Co. Series The Portable Door In Your Dreams Earth, Air, Fire and Custard You Dont Have to Be Evil to Work Here, But It Helps The Better Mousetrap May Contain Traces of Magic YouSpace Series Doughnut When Its A Jar The Outsorcerers Apprentice The Good, the Bad and the Smug Other recent novels Blonde Bombshell Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Sausages The Management Style of the Supreme Beings An Orc on the Wild Side

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