No. More. Plastic.: What you can do to make a difference in just 2 minutes – Martin Dorey



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Discover what you can do to save the planet from plastic. Start now. All it takes is 2 minutes of your time. I read this book yesterday and Ive done three things today and that is testament to Martins brilliant vision and ideas. Now its your turn! Chris Packham Once, plastic was the miracle material. Now its the monster. We all need to cut down our plastic consumption and join Martins #2minutesolution anti-plastic movement. Im in. Julia Bradbury Open this book with your children, give it to your friends. Share your #2minutesolution on twitter and instagram and inspire others. Martin Dorey, anti-plastics expert, has been working to save our beaches from plastic for the past 10 years. His Beach Clean Foundation and global call to arms #2minutebeachclean has been taken up by people all over the world, and has proven that collective small actions can add up to a big difference. Together we can fix this.

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