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A warm, witty and wise debut about the ups and downs of life as a TV presenter Christie Lynchs life is about to change – for ever. A journalist and single mother of two, she cant believe her luck when she is spotted by a talent agent during an appearance on daytime TV show, Tart Talk. Soon the nations sweetheart, Christie cant help but love her new job and, for the first time in years, she can mend her leaking roof and buy her kids, Libby and Freddie, a few treats. But as her career soars, Christies forced to spend more and more time away from her kids and from Richard – the gorgeous single dad she recently met at the school gate. Can Christie find a way to balance her role as a mother with her increasingly demanding job? And will she make it in the cut-throat world of TV? Whatever happens, Christies going to give it all shes got… Warm, witty and wise, New Beginnings is a behind-the-scenes look at the ups and downs in the life of a daytime TV presenter.

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