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Lee Child returns with a new instalment to his hit Jack Reacher series!

Published: 22/10/24


Reacher had no idea where he was. No idea how he had got there. But someone must have brought him. And shackled him. And whoever had done those things was going to rue the day. That was for damn sure.

Jack Reacher wakes up, alone, in the dark, handcuffed to a makeshift bed. His right arm has suffered some major damage. His few possessions are gone. He has no memory of getting there.

The last thing Reacher can recall is the car he hitched a ride in getting run off the road. The driver was killed.

His captors assume Reacher was the driver’s accomplice and patch up his wounds as they plan to make him talk.

A plan that will backfire spectacularly . . .

There’s only one Jack Reacher. Accept no substitutes.’ MICK HERRON

Although the Jack Reacher novels can be read in any order, In Too Deep is the 29th book in the internationally bestselling series.

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