HOW TO ROB BANK PB – Tom Mitchell



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A hilarious, filmic and fast-paced crime-caper by 2019s funniest new voice in teen fiction, ideal for readers aged 11 and up. Some people rob banks because theyre greedy. Others enjoy the adrenalin rush. Me? I robbed a bank because of guilt. Specifically: guilt and a Nepalese scented candle… When fifteen-year-old Dylan accidentally burns down the house of the girl hes trying to impress, he feels that only a bold gesture can make it up to her. A gesture like robbing a bank to pay for her new home. Only an unwanted Saturday job, a tyrannical bank manager, and his unfinished history homework lie between Dylan and the heist of century. And really, whats the worst that could happen? A funny, cinematic, ill-advised comedy-crime adventure perfect for gamers, heist movie fans, and anyone who loves a laugh.

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