Floor is Lava: and 99 more games for everyone, everywhere Ivan Brett



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A brilliant book of 100 games you can play anywhere in your house or garden. The Sun Playing games can be so enjoyable but dont you often find yourself playing the same old games time and time again? Well, why not let Ivan Brett inspire you with over 99 games to entertain any gathering of friends or family? Inside The Floor is Lava youll find 100 games to satisfy any busy family and most require no equipment other than pencil and paper. Theres everything from fiendish brain teasers and number puzzles to witty wordplays and physical challenges. Youll find something for everyone to enjoy and avoid the whole family resorting to screen-time! In short, this is a how-to for turning time together into quality time together. Its time to put down your screens and pick up the fun! Youll find games for every occasion: * occupy the kids on rainy days * have after-dinner fun around the table * liven up a party * cool off in the summer holidays * beat boredom in the car So what are you waiting for? Jump up and get started – the floor is lava Ivans next book Bored? Games! 101 games to make every day more playful is out in June. You can PRE-ORDER NOW!

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