Endpapers – Alexander Wolff


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In 2017, journalist Alexander Wolff moved to Berlin to take up a long-deferred task: learning his family’s history. His grandfather Kurt Wolff set up his own publishing firm in 1910 at the age of 23, publishing Franz Kafka, ??mile Zola, Anton Chekhov and others whose books would be burned by the Nazis. In 1933, Kurt and his wife Helen fled to France and Italy, and later to New York, where they would bring books including ‘Doctor Zhivago’, ‘The Leopard’ and ‘The Tin Drum’ to English-speaking readers. Meanwhile, Kurt’s son Niko, born from an earlier marriage, was left behind in Germany. Despite his Jewish heritage, he served in the German army and ended up in an POW camp before emigrating to the US in 1948. As Alexander gains a better understanding of his taciturn father’s life, he finds secrets that never made it to America and is forced to confront his family’s complex relationship with the Nazis.