Do You Know What?: Life According to Freddie Flintoff – Andrew Flintoff



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Whats the worst that can happen? Are there aliens out there somewhere? What happens when I die? In Do You Know What?, our favourite sportsman-turned-comedian-slash-leftfield-thinker Freddie Flintoff expels an eclectic and entertaining smorgasbord of anecdotes, impressions, reflections, ruminations, musings, cogitations, observations, rants, confessions and pearls of wisdom on all aspects of lifes rich tapestry. As a prolific philosopher of lifes most unfathomable questions, Freddie uses his own inexplicable experiences – from the sublime: giving up booze, shopping in Poundland with his family, exploring the wonders of the universe with his mates; to the ridiculous: wrestling with WWEs finest, singing in a musical on the West End, pranking teammates – to help us all gain the comfort of his life mantra: Whats the worst that can happen? Do You Know What? is an unexpectedly helpful, occasionally silly and absorbing brain dump on life and everything it holds, from one of Britains most-loved national treasures.

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