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Have you just been diagnosed with diverticulosis? And now you’re worried that it might get worse over time?

If you are here there is nothing to worry about because diverticulosis, but also diverticulitis, are very common disorders nowadays, but they can be kept under control with simple dietary changes. Initially this may scare you, especially if you experience strong pains, but this happens simply because until now you have been eating badly and your body is telling you that maybe you should change your eating habits.

To date, researchers have not found a common cause for diverticula. however, many agree that gases trapped in the intestines cause pressure on the walls of the intestines, and this could be one cause of diverticula.

For this reason, I wanted to add a chapter in this book dedicated to Low FODMAP, a diet aimed at reducing abdominal bloating and more! You’ll find a bonus: 28 recipes for this diet and an extensive introductory guide all about improving your gut health.

In this nutritional guide, you will find all the information you need. I have collected scientific information, analyze it and organize it in this book in a simple way so that you can understand and see an improvement right away as you follow the step-by-step guide.

In this book you will find:

✔️ 101 easy, quick, healthy, and low-cost recipes

✔️ All recipes are broken down into 3 phases of the diet + 28 bonus Low-FODMAP recipes

✔️ The recipe contain a lot of information such as: Cal, nutritional information, preparation time, etc.

✔️ 28 Day helpful diet Action Plan

✔️ A list of foods to avoid

✔️ Essentials shopping list

✔️ A FAQs section with 12 answers to the most frequently asked questions

✔️ How to tell if you have diverticulosis and diverticulitis

And much more…!

Ah, I forgot to say, inside the book you will find 10 extra recipes to download for free!

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