Clouds: All You Need To Know in One Concise Manual


Made up of tiny water droplets or ice crystals, and encasing our planet in a protective layer, clouds are an important part of Earth’s weather, and have inspired millions of hours of sky watching around the world. This book celebrates every aspect of clouds, including how they are formed, their different types, how they help predict the weather, and how they are transformed by geography, climate and the seasons. Offering a clear scientific explanation to classification and identification, the book will also include cloud myths and legends, quotes from world literature, and beautiful photographs of every kind of cloud, from Cumulonimbus to Stratus. It will also include the truly rare and amazing formations only recently identified, such as Asperitas and the Morning Glory roll cloud.

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Clouds have fascinated people for thousands of years, though many find clouds confusing, because they seem to change continuously. Over the years, a system has been devised to describe and classify the many different types of clouds to be found around the world. 

This fascinating book looks at how cloud watching and the study of clouds have evolved over the years and how, with the information provided in this book, we can learn to use observations of the changes in cloud patterns to help to predict changes in the weather.Contains easy-to-understand explanations of how various types of clouds are formed and how to recognise them. 
Meteorology expert Storm Dunlop explains how clouds are classified according to their form and structure, and how to identify cloud types. Includes how to observe and photograph clouds and use observations to predict changes or developments in the weather.Highly illustrated with directory photographs and beautiful sky scapes, this is a lay person’s guide to understanding, recognising and interpreting clouds, written by astronomer and meteorology expert Storm Dunlop.

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