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Bird Families


A beautiful card game for 2-5 players based on Happy Families. Collect ‘sets’ of birds grouped into their families to win!

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SIMPLE GAMEPLAY: Based on Happy Families and Go Fish, this card game is quick and easy to learn for all the family, meaning instant screen-free fun!

BEAUTIFULLY PRESENTED: With rich and colourful illustrations and a high-quality box and cards, this is a game to cherish forever

LEARN AS YOU PLAY: The accompanying booklet has information about all the birds in the game from nature writer Mike Unwin

UNIQUE GIFT: The perfect present for bird watchers and nature lovers

IN PARTNERSHIP WITH THE RSPB: The RSPB is the UK’s largest nature-conservation charity, protecting habitats, saving species and helping to end the climate and nature emergency. By buying this product you are helping to fund the RSPB’s conservation work.

LAURENCE KING PUBLISHING has been capturing imaginations and inspiring creativity in new and unexpected ways for over 30 years, with playful and eye-catching games, gifts and books.

Think you know your birds? Think again! Did you know that Kingfishers and Kookaburras are cousins and that Roadrunners and Cuckoos are related? Based on Happy Families and Go Fish, in Bird Families the aim is to collect as many sets of birds as you can. As you rush to collect four finches, four parrots or four woodpeckers before your opponents, marvel at the diversity of bird shapes, sizes and colours from around the world. This beautiful and educational game comes with a booklet describing all the species featured. It’s fun for all the family and is sure to delight players of all ages.

The Orion Publishing Group Ltd will donate a minimum of £5,000 to RSPB Sales Ltd, which gives all its distributable profits through Gift Aid to the RSPB, in connection with the Bird Vision and Bird Families products which carry the RSPB trade marks.

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