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Find out how you can help save the bees in lots of practical ways and discover the incredible science behind honey bees, beekeeping, and bees in the wild – from the carpenter solitary bee to the stingless sugarbag. The Bee Book is an intensely visual exploration of the big questions in bee science and ecology: why are bees such great pollinators? how do they make honey? is a swarm dangerous? how does a bumblebee fly? what is killing bees across the world and how can we stop it? The book is also a practical guide to adapting your outdoor space – no matter how small – to provide food and habitats for bees, with step-by-step projects for making bee homes and hotels, and a directory of the most bee-friendly plants to grow, with accompanying planting plans for pots and borders. And if youre looking to take a love of bees to the next level, the book also features a comprehensive beginners guide to beekeeping with all the information and step-by-step techniques youll need to set up and manage a hive and collect its honey – with an array of recipes for making the best use of hive products.

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