Bedsit Disco Queen: How I grew up and tried to be a pop star – Tracey Thorn



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I was only sixteen when I bought an electric guitar and joined a band. A year later, I formed an all-girl band called the Marine Girls and played gigs, and signed to an indie label, and started releasing records. Then, for eighteen years, between 1982 and 2000, I was one half of the group Everything But the Girl. In that time, we released nine albums and sold nine million records. We went on countless tours, had hit singles and flop singles, were reviewed and interviewed to within an inch of our lives. Ive been in the charts, out of them, back in. Ive seen myself described as an indie darling, a middle-of-the-road nobody and a disco diva. I havent always fitted in, you see, and thats made me face up to the realities of a pop career – there are thrills and wonders to be experienced, yes, but also moments of doubt, mistakes, violent lifestyle changes from luxury to squalor and back again, sometimes within minutes.

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