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Atomic Love


Chicago, 1950. Rosalind Porter has always defied expectations – in her work as a physicist on the Manhattan Project to design the atomic bomb, and in her passionate love affair with coworker Thomas Weaver. Five years after the end of both, her guilt over the results of her work and her heartbreak over Weaver are intertwined. She has almost succeeded in resigning herself to a more conventional life. Then Weaver gets back in touch – but so does the FBI. Agent Charlie Szydlo wants Rosalind to spy on Weaver, whom the FBI suspects of selling nuclear secrets to Russia. Rosalind’s final assignment launches her on a mission to find the truth – no matter where it leads.

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The stunning novel about our fiercest loyalties, deepest desires and the power of forgiveness

‘A highly-charged love story’ DELIA OWENS, bestselling author of WHERE THE CRAWDADS SING

‘This story has everything. Just thinking about it makes me feel that lovely feeling where your heart seems to skip a beat’ 5***** Reader Review

Rosalind Porter’s biggest mistake was love . . .

Chicago, 1950. Before Thomas Weaver broke her heart and wrecked her career, Rosalind was a leading atomic researcher. Five years on, she’s alone and can barely make ends meet.

Which is when Thomas – a shattered man – walks back into her life, begging forgiveness. Rosalind would, and should, say no but for two reasons.

First, she still loves Thomas. And, second, Charlie Szydlo.

Charlie’s a damaged FBI agent who believes Thomas is spying for Russia. He wants Rosalind to find evidence.

But this is a dangerous game. Who can she trust?

Thomas, who taught her how to love? Or Charlie, whose pain she yearns to heal?

‘Love, espionage, and a heroine who carves a strong path in the world of men. There is nothing left to want’ Ann Patchett

‘An emotionally charged romance, perfect for fans of Paula McLain’ Library Journal

‘Taut and atmospheric’ Chanel Cleeton, author of Next Year in Havana


‘There’s real intensity between Roz and Wheeler and Roz and Charlie, you hardly dare to breathe . . . you can feel the growing emotional charge’ 5***** Reader Review

‘This story has everything. Just thinking about it makes me feel that lovely feeling where your heart seems to skip a beat’ 5***** Reader Review

The last few chapters are so very intense, punch in the air moments, me shouting ‘yes!’ Just pure magic!’ 5***** Reader Review

‘Espionage, love, betrayal – finely crafted cocktail of themes with sharp characters and beautifully written’ 5***** Reader Review

‘A phenomenal read – fundamentally a love story but so much more as well’ 5***** Reader Review

‘Pure pleasure all the way, managing to be both page-turning while pulling you in deep’ 5***** Reader Review

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