Airhead: The Imperfect Art of Making News Emily Maitlis



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[Emily] is so absolutely of the moment. Airhead is a compilation of her greatest hits . . . hilarious Evening Standard News Presenter of the Year Emily Maitlis gives you a behind-the-scenes look at some of the biggest news stories and interviews of recent years. INCLUDING A NEW CHAPTER ON HER NEWSNIGHT INTERVIEW WITH PRINCE ANDREW __________ Deliciously funny . . . Irresistible The Times In this no holds barred account of life in the seconds before, during and after going on air, Newsnight presenter, leading journalist, and queen of the side eye Emily Maitlis gives us the insider info on what we dont get to see on-screen. Giving us the inside scoop on her interviews with everyone from Emma Thompson to Russell Brand, and Donald Trump to Tony Blair, as well as covering news stories such as President Clintons affairs, Boris Johnsons race to PM, Grenfell, #MeToo, and the Paris terror attacks. Airhead is a brilliant expose of the moments that never make the news. Anyone who has spent this election campaign shouting at the TV needs a copy in their Christmas stocking. Its funny and subtly smart GUARDIAN, BOOKS OF THE YEAR DAILY MAIL BOOKS OF THE YEAR _____________ Praise for Emily Maitlis: We LOVE the Maitlis Stylist Shes just a mastermind Dolly Alderton on The High Low I think people are a bit in love with Emily Maitlis, shes a brilliant interviewer Pandora Sykes on The High Low Praise for Airhead: She is a superb writer. It is a sort of greatest hits compilation Sunday Times Excellent Guardian A wonderfully sane book for our unhinged times Simon Schama Fascinating Mail on Sunday Smart, funny and brilliantly told Elizabeth Day Revelatory, riveting and frequently hilarious. A joy from beginning to end James OBrien Absolutely irresistible Jeremy Vine

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